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Considering safe-cracking as a profession? This might be just where you should start. Build your own safe with a personal lock combination, store your most precious items in the safe (jewelry or candy, your choice), and then promptly forget your combination! Follow the handy steps in the instructions to master the mix of slow knob twists and careful listening to tumbler movements that will open the lock. Will you retrieve your items, or will you have to hire a locksmith? Try it and see.

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No glue required

Size models in finished form:
7.7*7.3*6.9 in (196 * 185 * 176 mm)
Inside space of the safe:
The W*H*D 6.1*5.5*4.1 in (155 * 140 * 105 mm)
Package size: 14.6*5.5*1.6 in (37*14*4cm)
Number of parts: 179

Rules of the safe opening:

At first you should renew code lock: twist the knob safe counterclockwise (left) to one-two turns. You can now dial the code:

1 - Scroll the knob counterclockwise (left) to the first digit from 1 to 9. Stay on it.

2 - Now turn the knob clockwise (right) to the number zero. After passing zero continue to twist the handle to the right to the second code digits from 1 to 9. Stay on it.

3- Again turn the knob counterclockwise (left) to the third digit.

If the combination is correct, your safe clicks and opens itself on the third digit.
(Briefly rules: twist left to the first digit, then right to the second zero digit and then left of the third digit).

To re-close the safe - close the door, scroll the knob counterclockwise (left) - the lock closes itself.

Made from wood materials 

This complicated and beautiful mechanism made entirely of wooden materials is a very impressive work leaving no one indifferent. Model is designed for self-assembly without glue.

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NATURAL. Made from wood materials. UGEARS models are produced in Europe from high quality wooden materials. They are sturdy and long-lasting.

NO GLUE CONNECTION. Assembling without glue and chemicals. UGEARS models don’t need glue or special tools to connect parts. which makes watching it working and moving even more exciting. You can assemble them at home on the table. All you need is your own hands, patience, and assembly instructions.


SELF-ASSEMBLY. Parts are already cut and ready to assemble. Models are equipped with everything needed for assembly. The quality of the parts is very high – a laser method is used for cutting items from a plywood board. Firstly, you put the smaller parts together to form the large blocks: which will altogether complete the whole model.

MECHANICAL. UGEARS models produce motion, are self-propelled. Instead of a simple static display, each model is capable of a unique and fascinating range of self-powered movements, all without batteries, and some of them can go up to 5 meters!


 Ryan Mcmullen

Loved putting this together with the family. It was very cool

Sophie Saint-Arnaud

Great Present Idea
I bought this for my nephew's 10th birthday. He loves LEGO sets, but finds them a bit easy, even the ones 15-17 y/o. He likes challenges, and got one with this safe!


Love the challenge
I received this model as a gift and I loved the challenge of putting it together. The lock mechanism is definitely the most confusing part and it did take a couple tries to get it right. However, I think that challenge is a key ingredient to this and other ugears products. I highly recommend this item!


Ugears models are perfect for family projects through hands-on STEM learning.
Each UGEARS model brings a rewarding feeling of assembling with your own hands, inviting you and your beloved into the awesome and cool world of mechanics. Assembling models is a fun and trending hobby for grown-ups and kids alike. It’s great to understand mechanical, engineering and math concepts. Dedicated to teaching the craft of woodworking, with a hefty dose of humour and realism, UGEARS puzzling unites parents and kids, fathers and sons. t’s unforgettable time which you share with your beloved ones making real things together.

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Can children who are younger than the manufacturer specified age build the models?
Can the code of the ‘Safe’ model be changed?
How can an axle be replaced if one breaks down?
I am having some trouble fitting the axles in the holes. How can this problem be solved?
What is the best way to assemble the models?

About Us

Our designs are inspired by real-life mechanisms and embody our love of art and ingenuity. We believe that building these beautiful working models should be fun, and we have dedicated our engineering know-how and meticulous product testing and quality control to a single goal: Ensuring that our models provide an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family.
UGEARS began as a startup established in 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine. In less than two years we have taken fourteen of our visionary designs and brought them to life in the form of model kits made from sustainably sourced wood, delighting people throughout Europe. Our patented plywood joint design adds to our models’ popularity by making them simple and easy to assemble.

In 2015, backers funded our wildly successful Kickstarter campaign at 20 times over our original goal. To us, this says that even in our world of video games and virtual reality, people still get excited when they find creative and fulfilling ways to use their hands. Our business fuels this excitement as well as gives individuals and families the opportunity to come together through the joy of hands-on modelling.
Please take a moment to review our catalogue and website. Then join us in bringing our old-school, but yet-so-cool world of mechanical modeling to builders everywhere!
Yours Truly,

                                                                                 The UGEARS Team

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