Ugears STEM-lab series

Ugears STEM-lab series. Learn how widely-used mechanisms work

Ugears takes educational mechanical models for children and adults to the next level with its latest range created with advance learning techniques in mind and loads of fun-time at their heart.

STEM, the term that’s been used a lot these days, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. And the reason why it’s been all over the place, is because it is a large part of the mainstream curriculum in education. In practice, this means that educators set aside individual disciplines and instead focus on skills-and project-based approach.  In other words – making learning more interesting and engaging.

Ugears new range of models adopts the STEM name and the main idea. With each model you get a STEM project tool-kit and a challenge to face. You have all you need in the box, so the only thing left to do is to decide who you want to invite to your project team: parents, siblings, or friends?

STEM-lab models are an intelligible and exciting way to learn about widely-used mechanisms, types of gearing and connections as well as their practical applications in real life. Moving step-by-step through the stages of the Ugears STEM project, you become familiar with different mechanisms – literally – in the details. And as a result, what seemed to be strange mechanical magic becomes clear and comprehensible.

Each of the mechanical models of the STEM-lab series is an interactive study guide to a mechanism. Assembling it with your own hands you will get a full, in-depth understanding of the principles of how it works.

Extend your learning experience even further with the Ugears augmented reality application. Point your tablet or mobile phone at a fully assembled STEM-lab model and the app will show you various applications of the mechanism you’ve just built. You will see how it is used in machines, buildings and engineering constructions; explore it at different angles, zoom it in and out.

The models of the range are age-appropriate and their assembly won’t take long – they are developed to serve as a learning tool rather than a puzzle. Just like the rest of Ugears’ collections, putting Stem-lab models together is fun and comprehensive: everything you need to build, learn and discover comes in a box. There you will find:

  • High-quality wooden boards with pre-cut details and other standard supplies. Assembly of STEM-lab models requires no glue or additional tools. The details come out of the boards with a slight push.
  • Detailed step-by-step color instruction manual. Easy to follow – easy to learn.
  • Examples and suggestions for your fun hands-on projects.
  • QR-code to Pocket Model’s Study Guide/the Mechanism Essentials (description of the mechanism, principle of working, main characteristics, definitions, and formulas).
  • QR-code to Ugears AR Application. New exciting feature from Ugears to make your learning experience even more fascinating!


Face the STEM-challenge, assemble your knowledge, discover how clever you are and how creative you can be. Have fun working together with a team. Explore, develop and enjoy with Ugears STEM-lab models!