Mechanical Box
Mechanical Box
Mechanical Box
Mechanical Box
Mechanical Box
Mechanical Box
Mechanical Box


Mechanical Box

Regular price C$49.95

Size Model: 7.7*3.5*7.4in (196*90*187mm)

Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.2in  (37*17*3cm)

Number of parts: 61

This pretty little box brings a dash of mechanical magic to your home or office. Push the side lever and the box raises, tilts and opens its lid to reveal the contents. A clever way to offer a business card or a fun way to store and show off your favorite trinkets. The kit includes two interchangeable front panels – one for easily removing cards and one for keeping small items from spilling out.

Self-assembly; No glue required 




Customer Reviews

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Mechanical box

Was considering giving this as a gift. But once it was assembled, just can't do it. It actually makes a great holder for joints :). Enjoyed it so much. I am currently working on the Hurdy Gurdy.

Loving it

Easy to put together. Looks awesome on my desk! :)

mechanical bos

I bought it as a gift. It is one of three he listed that he wouldn't mind trying.
He has not got it yet, but his idea was that it would be cool on his desk at work for his business cards.

Love Love Love!

I LOVE IT! Only broke one axle (toothpick) while constructing it and they give plenty of extra. Instructions were good, though there was one piece that had to be flipped rather than rotated that gave me a good 5 minutes of frustration. Wax is definitely highly suggested, but otherwise everything needed comes in the kit. Can't wait to get a different kit to put together.

Patience and Finesse Required

I assembled this for my 7 year old grandson as a Christmas gift. He really likes it and was excited to discover how all of the parts worked together. It took me about 2 hours to assemble it. You really have to pay attention to the orientation of some parts as you assemble it. The instructions are clear, and the parts I assembled incorrectly were my own fault for not paying close attention. There were times when I thought I would break parts fitting them together. It definitely takes patience and a little finesse. I chose this Ugear model to start with because it looked like the easiest of their product line. I had some binding on the axles (toothpicks) even though I used wax as suggested in the instructions. I disassembled the gears and opened the holes up slightly on the housing using a small drill bit and a pin vise. I waxed the holes a second time and re-assembled. It works flawlessly. I understand that some expect this to be "plug and play" out of the box, but even when I build plastic models there are parts that I drill, file or sand to get a better fit. That's part of the fun for me when building models. If this is your first experience building a model, it may frustrate you a little. Patience. Finesse. You'll get there and it will work when you're done. This was my first model from Ugear and I enjoyed the build. I'll be ordering additional models in the near future.