Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel
Research Vessel


Research Vessel

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Time to weigh anchor and go full speed ahead towards new discoveries with Ugears nautical model, the Research Vessel.

Inspired by classic scientific documentaries and biographies of outstanding marine explorers, the Research Vessel is the incarnate might and beauty of large modern icebreakers and survey boats.

Your new boat has all you need to implement proper research: a bathyscaphe for deep-sea exploration, a small motor-boat and a life boat, drop ramp, opening hold hatch, and other fun and interesting elements you find in real-life vessels. The model is equipped with a swing jib crane to manage cargo and hoist out the bathyscaphe. Use the crane to pull the bathyscaphe out of the depths and secure it on a special extension platform.

All details of the Research Vessel are made of high-grade eco-friendly wood that need no glue or additional instruments to assemble. The “skeleton” design of the Vessel’s body allows you to look into the hold and engine room and see what makes her move. The energy driving the model is produced by a rubber-band motor and managed by a pendulum. A clever gear arrangement in this block imitates the sound of a diesel engine and provides a smooth and steady pace of the Vessel. The model has three movement modes – forward, turn, and automatic manoeuvring. The modes are controlled with a lever you can switch manually.

Feel the salty wind sailing you towards future discoveries with the Research Vessel from Ugears!

Model size: 15.2*4.3*9.8 in (385 *110*250 mm)
Package size: 14.9*6.7*1.7 in (378*170*42 mm)
Number of components: 575
Estimated time for assembly: 10 hours


Customer Reviews

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Des heures de plaisir.


I loved this build, not too complicated and good quality,I would do this again

Best Yet!

This is the seventh UGear kit I’ve bought and put together and it's by far the best one yet! Lots of interesting details to it including several moving features. Details such as the individual ring buoys were great. You know it’s a good, fun project when you’re disappointed finishing it. The brains behind UGears have really set themselves a big challenge to out do this. I can hardly wait to see what’s next!

A great way to pass the time.

The build was very enjoyable and all peices came out without any breaking.


I thoroughly enjoyed assembling the research vessel. There were a few small errors in the instructions pages. A few pieces were found on boards other than noted in the instructions, not a big deal but I thought I would mention it. Several of the pieces lost their outer laminate. Again, nothing critical. The one problem I was not able to work around was that the gear for the front wheels doesn't seem big enough to mesh with the wind up action gear. I didn't realize that the ship moved on the ground till after I had it fully assembled. The wind up mech works fine, it just doesn't connect with that gear.